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Mayor Herbert Bautista

Quezon City, Philippines

Mayor Herbert M Bautista is known as a pioneer and progressive advocate of solutions for environment issues and climate change. Under his leadership, Quezon City became the first city in the Philippines to implement a Green Building Ordinance, enforcing sustainable building designs throughout the city.  He is leading the city to reduce its carbon footprint through the shift of public facilities towards alternative energy sources, wider installation of systems for resource reuse, and restrictions in the use of nonbiodegradable materials. 


He has directed the development of a waste-to-energy project to transform the city's garbage problem into a new energy resource, turning the city into an independent power producer. His climate change mitigation activism has resulted in the recognition of the city's success stories in global forums and international movements, and has led it to be chosen to be the pilot city for several climate change program innovations. 

In line with his program for building a resilient Quezon City, the local government is operationalizing a Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan with detailed risk assessments for quake and flood hazards including a City Risk Atlas and Profile; a six-year investment plan with monitoring and evaluation mechanisms; and an emergency management system.

 Mayor Bautista's urban development framework anchors the City’s housing and resettlement program on disaster-risk reduction as well as quality of life enrichment.  He has led the Quezon City Government to develop an award-winning socialized housing program designed to move the poor from danger areas towards new townships, a project he is implementing in multiples, in collaboration with the private sector and national government agencies.

Moreover, under his leadership, the city has been adopting systematic frameworks for development that are aligned with the perspectives of the present and future vision of the city. He has also actively pushed for the city's enactment of a local Investment Incentives Code and pioneered in the creation of a local government investment corporation, for the city to further stimulate the influx of desirable investments.